Do you expect the unexpected? Do you know what you would do if you were suddenly unable to work? Life can be unpredictable, that's why we think its best to be prepared.


Whether you choose to protect your income, or feel that critical illness cover would suit you best, we can help you decide how much or how little you can afford, based on your current lifestyle, to ensure that you are as unaffected as possible.

The cost of cover depends on a number of factors. Life assurance is generally more affordable, as people are generally living much longer. Critical Illness cover is more expensive as there is a much higher likelihood of you suffering a critical illness in your lifetime. 

However, overall cost is also determined by how much cover you have, your age, and the benefits received.

* As at April 2019, Source, ** As at April 2019 ( between 2013 - 2015), Source,  *** (in UK) As at February 2018, Source 


We aim to offer tailored advice that works for you, based on your own circumstances and what you want to do.

Prepare for

Critical illness cover gives you peace of mind, should the worst happen. with over 90% of legitimate claims paid, cover can really make a difference should you need to focus on your health.

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Protect your

Should you need time away from work to recover from illness, income protection can reduce stress by keeping on top of day-to-day living costs.

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Private medical

Private medical care can ensure that any health concerns are addressed quickly, and by the best doctors. Not an essential form of cover to have, but it can cut wait-list times.

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