Nobody likes to worry about the future, or what might happen to their families should the worst happen. By protecting your family you can have peace of mind knowing that in the event of a death, your family would, at least, not need to worry about money.


Whether you choose critical illness cover or life assurance, or perhaps would like for funeral costs to be taken care of, we can help you decide how much or how little you can afford, based on your current lifestyle, ensuring that your family is as protected as possible.

The cost of cover depends on a number of factors. Life assurance is generally more affordable, as people are generally living much longer. Critical Illness cover is more expensive as there is a much higher likelihood of you suffering a critical illness in your lifetime. 

However, overall cost is also determined by how much cover you have, your age, and the benefits received.

* As at 01/12/2017    ** Source Aegon 21/08/2017 *** Annuity quote created 07/12/2017, single, level, no TFC, no guarantees

* First two figures from, as at July 2018, ** figures from SunLife, as at June 2015


We aim to offer tailored advice that works for you, based on your own circumstances and what you want to do.

Prepare for

Critical illness cover gives you peace of mind, should the worst happen. with over 90% of legitimate claims paid, cover can really make a difference should you need to focus on your health.

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Peace of

Be prepared and assured that your family are financially taken care of should the worst happen. 

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Manage funeral

With the right guidance you can have the funeral you want with no extra cost or stress to your family. With funerals in the UK costing £4000 on average, a little goes a long way.

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